Supplier Development

Automotive suppliers need to perform in an increasingly challenging business environment. Competitive pressure is high. At the customer end of the chain, suppliers are confronted with the need to be flexible, driven by fluctuating demand, an increasingly variable portfolio, and complex as well as shorter product cycles. At the other end of the chain, they need to manage their own suppliers, drive innovations on functionality and cost improvements and meet with high quality requirements.

Automotive suppliers need to start this transformational journey today so they can cope with upcoming challenges, create value and develop competitive advantages.


supplier development


Training and specialization

BIDEA Automotive can officially train and qualify automotive professionals in the main automotive industry standards and fields of activity. BIDEA Automotive also implements training programs covering theoretical knowledge and skills related to management of key functions in industrial organizations. Bidea Automotive is a Licensed partner of VDA QMC. Training Fields:

✓ Quality Management

✓ Functional Specialization

✓ Special Process Analysis

✓ Managerial Skills and Tools


VDA License

BIDEA Automotive S.L. is a Licensed Partner of VDA, the German Association of the Automotive Industry. VDA creates and publishes the general standards for the German automotive industry. At BIDEA, we offer VDA QMC official training catalogue.

Quality training for automotive